Lighthouse Video Surveillance was able to have representation at the ACIT luncheon in Lake Jackson TX on February the 4th where the guest speaker was Steven McCraw. McCraw spoke on the prevailing issues with the Texas border and what the Department of Public Safety has been doing to help. “The division participates in special operations to secure our state’s border with Mexico. Operations such as “Operation Border Star” have made significant impact to crime; human smuggling; and the movement of drugs, currency, and stolen vehicles along the Texas/Mexico border.” Agency Strategic Plan, Texas Department of Public Safety.

Danny Myers, President of Lighthouse Video Surveillance was able to meet privately with Mr McCraw to further discuss the Video Surveillance solutions that are currently being used. Video Surveillance is playing a huge role in helping the DPS to be able to count and track the illegal immigrants, drug cartel and terrorist that are coming in to the US through the Texas border. We are so thankful to see the Texas Legislature has stepped up to the plate and provided the additional security needed on our southern border using the DPS, lending the much needed support to the border patrol department. The DPS has made great strides to stifle the amount of illegal traffic coming in via the Rio Grande Valley area. Now the next step is to get the United States government to step up to the plate and pay their part for the cost of this border security issue.