Lighthouse Video Surveillance has the knowledge and expertise to help your business achieve it’s security objectives.

Whether your business is large or small, our experts are trained to look for ways to help reduce liability, protect investments, improve productivity and much more.


Let us help you to achieve your company’s objectives with a comprehensive evaluation of your business.  Each business’ specific needs are different than the next.  However, these are a few of the objectives that apply to most businesses that we can address with a properly designed video surveillance system:

  • Reduce Liability
  • Increase Worker Productivity
  • Protect Assets
  • Reduce Shortages
  • Provide Safe Environment for Employees
  • Security
  • Prevention

Your company may have additional objectives specific to your industry or business that we can address at the time of your business evaluation.


Our goal is to help our customers to lower liability, increase profits, and increase worker productivity.  We accomplish this by:

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  • Custom System Design – While most companies have many of the same concerns, each company and site is different in how we may need to accomplish these goals. That is why we take the time survey each site and develop a plan to achieve the specific needs and goals of our customers.
  • Customer Education – We believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. It is our goal to help educate our customers so that they make an informed decision regarding their video surveillance system. We take our time and avoid “talking above the heads” of our customers. After all, it is the customer that knows their business better than anyone else.
  • High Quality Equipment – We only use the best quality equipment.  We are unwilling to cut corners on the quality of workmanship of the equipment we use in order to have the cheapest system in town.
  • Video Surveillance System Satisfaction Pledge – We start off by setting the proper expectations and follow-up with a promise to meet or exceed those expectations.
  • Warranty and Maintenance – Each system we install comes with a full warranty and the customer has the option to extend that full coverage indefinitely.  We stand behind our work and equipment.
  • Availability Pledge – We promise to be available.  We make ourselves available for questions, support, and maintenance issues as they arise.


Video Analytics

Lighthouse uses systems with video analytics capability.  Video analytics provide a video surveillance system with the “smarts” to determine what is important and what is not.  For example, analytics can determine if the movement in the back yard is that of a dog or a person.  The capability and function of such analytics can go way beyond that.   If you would like more information on analytics click here.

Digital Video Recording

All of our systems record in digital format.  This type of system utilizes analog cameras, in most cases, and compresses the video and saves it to hard drives.  Digital video recording has many advantages:

  • Easy to access video files
  • Advance searching capabilities
  • High storage capacity & quality video
  • Motion detection recording and other features
  • Live video is accessible through the internet and over your network
  • Recorded video is accessible through the internet and over your network
  • Easy to get video to the authorities and video is admissible in court

Video Export Options

Exporting video from your Digital Video Recorder is made easy.  Depending on the unit you choose, you have the option of saving the video off of the recorder onto CD, DVD, USB Portable Media Storage (i.e. flash drive), and network storage.

Remote Access

Accessing your live video and recorded video remotely offers many benefits:

  • Increase Employee productivity –  If employees know that you can watch them while you are away productivity improves
  • Employee training – See how employees interact with customers
  • Saves time – Instead of driving to the location, you can access video remotely
  • Freedom – Allows you the freedom to leave your business and accomplish other tasks



This is an accurate scale representation of the difference in size of the images.
Extreme High Definition
Extreme High Definition video gives the user phenomenal video surveillance capabilities.  In previous years, people would get excited about 20% and 30% improvements in quality.  The improvement from 480 TVL cameras to 550 TVL was not even 15%.  Going from a traditional digital recorder image to an Extreme High Definition recorder provides improvement from 400% to 5000%.  Yes, that is 5000% improvement or 50 times better quality!  Obviously, the extreme increase in quality comes with an increase in price.  However, depending on the size of the application the price increase is manageable and in large applications sometimes it is even a cheaper route.  Honestly, when you are able to get 1200% increase in quality and clarity, isn’t a 60-80% increase in cost well worth it?
Traditional Digital Recorders highest setting is D1
D1 Quality   – 720 x 480
5 Megapixel – 2592 x 1944
16 Megapixel – 4872 x 3248

houston video surveillance

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

We can provide single or multi-lane LPR with HD accuracy from a single camera. A fully integrated LPR system captures with accuracy over all conditions, 24 hours a day.

  • High Definition accuracy
  • Single camera, multiple lanes
  • Import and monitor watch lists
  • Instant E-mail alerts and on screen alarms
  • Flexible post-incident plate search
  • Optimized for all lighting conditions, 24 hours a day
  • Integrated adaptive 850nm IR LED illumination
  • Optional HD Color Day/Night overview camera
  • Up to 100 feet (30 m) range


Click the “+” icon to learn more about Video Analytics and POS Interface.

Face Detection is used to detect human faces in the video and saved as thumbnail image index. It is easy to retrieve the video by checking and clicking the thumbnail image index. It is suggested to be installed near the entrance.
Unattended Object Detection is used to trace an unattended object that appears in the defined detection perimeter; the unexpected object can be configured to generate alarm instantly to enhance security attention.
Missing Object Detection is used to keep an eye on valuable objects. When the object is missing, alarm will be generated instantly to enhance security attention.
People Counting is used to count people or objects that pass through predetermined areas. This function is useful in retail market for marketing analysis.
Visual Automation is used to visually switch on or off devices remotely and intuitively by defining regions to digital relay outputs.
Single PTZ Tracking can track a moving object using only one PTZ camera. When an object moves within the view of camera, the PTZ camera will follow its movement. When the object is out of view, the PTZ camera can be set to return its designated position.
Crowd detection is used to generate an alert when a crowd of people gathers in a specified area and exceeds the defined threshold.
Scene Change Detection is used to detect someone changing the view or focus of a camera intentionally or accidentally without notice. Advanced Scene Change Detection can be applied in the outdoor scenes with sudden light changes.
Panorama View is used to create panoramic views of large areas of surveillance by joining or splicing multiple camera views, without sacrificing video frame rates.
Video Stabilization is used to create crisp clear super steady images from unstable or shaky platform like transportation vehicles or on poles to avoid fuzziness.
Advanced Visual Quality Enhancer is used to filter and enhance object visibility from foggy or blurred environment caused by bad weather such as rain, snow or fog.
Object Tracking and Zooming is used to trace and zoom in moving objects that come into a surveillance area, so that the target can be identified.
POS Field Filter: use pre-defined transaction criteria to search in a field filter displaying the results in a newly created System Log, e.g. all the transactions containing the keyword “coke” will be screened out.
POS Video Text Overlay – display transaction text messages on screen and on video files.
Quick Search: single video search and playback with transaction data. Search criteria: keyword in the receipt, transaction event (start/stop/void), or start time. Advanced Search: access to Advanced Log Browser to search for all the transaction lists within a specific time frame based on pre-defined transaction criteria.
Abnormal Transaction Alerts: when pre-defined abnormal transactions occur (e.g. over a certain value amount), the system will output alarm devices and send an alert message via email, phone, or SMS
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