Avigilon video surveillance cameras are known for their high quality, longevity and incredible functionality, all while being user friendly so that property owners can easily operate them. When you need Avigilon surveillance systems in Houston, there’s only one resource to trust: Lighthouse Video Surveillance.

Community Transit

With a growing number of riders, maintaining a safe transit environment has become a top priority for Community Transit that they addressed using the Avigilon HD Surveillance System at multiple sites throughout their 1297 square mile service area.

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CCTV Houston Video Security Systems


Learn how Avaya leveraged the ease of use and performance of Avigilon five megapixel surveillance cameras and the Avigilon HD Surveillance System to improve security at its 25 acre campus.

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Video Surveillance Camera Systems Houston


Learn how Coffeyville United School District used the Avigilon Analog Encoder within an Avigilon HD Surveillance System to improve student safety.

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Avigilon Security Cameras 4k

Exempla Healthcare

Learn how the Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center deployed 48 Avigilon HD cameras as part of an Avigilon HD Surveillance system to ensure the safety and overall protection of its patients, visitors, and staff.

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Security System Case Studies

Long Branch

Learn how the Long Branch Board of Education deployed the Avigilon High Definition (HD) Surveillance System at the high school, middle school, and three elementary schools to increase student safety while maintaining an open and positive educational experience.

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4K Video Security Systems

Old Bailey

Learn how the management team at 20 Old Bailey, a 300,000 square foot office building located across from the United Kingdom’s Central Criminal Court, upgraded to an Avigilon HD Surveillance System to provide greater overall tenant security and instantly provide the City of London Police, and others, requested footage when necessary.

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HD Video Security Cameras

Pan Nordic Logistics

Learn how Pan Nordic Logistics installed an Avigilon HD Surveillance to reduce investigation time by 50 percent and maximize their return on investment by collecting the evidence needed to prove the company’s innocence when facing claims of lost or stolen goods.

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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

United Building

Learn how Jones Lang LaSalle secured the 50 story United Building in downtown Chicago with an Avigilon HD Surveillance carefully designed to ensure the detail needed was captured using a reduced number of Avigilon HD IP Cameras.

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Video Security Companies in Houston

Muskogee Community Hospital

Learn how Muskogee Community Hospital reduced upfront costs and increased productivity using an Avigilon HD Surveillance System to secure their facility all the way from initial construction to deploying the equipment in the completed hospital.

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Avigilon Video Security Houston

Canberra Stadium

Learn how Canberra Stadium boosted security and public safety with Avigilon 16 Megapixel cameras and Avigilon Control Center HD Video Management Software.

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Video Security System Installation

Fairfield High

Learn how Avigilon HD Surveillance System Helps Fairfield City School System Maintain Safe, Open Learning Environment for Students and Staff.

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Security System Case Study


Learn how the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation improved security at its 260,000 square foot facility in San Diego, California by installing a hybrid analog and digital Avigilon HD Surveillance System.

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Security Cameras Systems

Do all video surveillance suppliers meet these criteria? Many of them do not. That’s what sets Lighthouse Video Surveillance apart, and it’s the #1 reason to trust us first when you need an Avigilon supplier in Houston.

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When we sought out for a surveillance company, we already had our camera system previously installed by someone. We had them come out because we were continuously having issues with the camera images blinking on the screen or not showing up at all, and the original guy quit answering our phone calls.
Danny came out, he was extremely nice and was very Recently our church had Lighthouse Video install cameras in our nursery area. I can’t say enough about the positive impact of the installation. The experience from the beginning was efficient and professional. The needs were accessed and installation was a great experience. The most pleasant result is the impact it has made on our parents and other church members. While our first intention was to assist in providing additional security to the nursery area, the result is not only security but comfort the cameras provide to parents. In fact we now call them our “comfort camera”. Parents can check on their child without drawing attention or distracting the other children or the workers. The response to the cameras from parents has been 10000% positive. Our nursery workers love the extra security the cameras provide to them as well. The cameras have contributed so much to our Preschool area. Thanks Lighthouse Video for making us a safer and a very happy place. The only question I have been asked is why we didn’t do this sooner. I recommend preschool and church nursery directors consider “Comfort & Security” cameras. I would only use Lighthouse Video Surveillance.
Linda Murrie, Preschool Director

We are an authorized dealer of Avigilon video surveillance products, because we believe in their quality and efficacy. Their tagline, “The Best Evidence,” is absolutely spot-on. These cameras are top notch, and they have features that will help you capture images in nearly any environment.

Day or night, good weather or bad weather, up close or far away, Avigilon security cameras can capture your images with incredible clarity. If you tell us what your security needs our, our Avigilon experts in Houston can design a video surveillance system that will meet every demand you have.

You can trust Lighthouse Video Surveillance because we:

  • Are a full service video surveillance resource: installation, servicing and maintenance
  • Honor all manufacturers’ warranties, to protect your investment
  • Are a licensed security dealer, so we are compliant with all regulations of the industry
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To speak with one of our video surveillance experts and learn more about the Avigilon product line, contact Lighthouse Video Surveillance today to request a free, no-obligation consultation.

We will be glad to help you explore your options and design a system that meets your security needs.
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