Lighthouse Video Surveillance is offering its services to homes and businesses in need of surveillance cameras in Clear Lake. Unlike electronics stores and security companies, Lighthouse Video Surveillance specializes exclusively in video surveillance – nothing more. That’s why we’re the experts!

Don’t Go to an Unlicensed Dealer!

If you go to a company that installs security cameras, but that company is not a licensed security dealer, you will have no recourse when your system malfunctions. If it stops working, the company will not be able to help. Always go to a licensed security dealer, like Lighthouse Video Surveillance. We are licensed to install surveillance cameras in Clear Lake and the entire greater Houston area.

Choose A Licensed Video Surveillance Camera System Dealer

When you need a surveillance system in Clear Lake, we are the best possible option you have. We will ask what the security needs of your home or business are, and we will help you design a system that meets those needs perfectly. We install it expertly and are available to help you maintain it after installation. This is the reliable service you deserve.

Video Surveillance System Professionals

If you need a surveillance system in Clear Lake, call Lighthouse Video Surveillance to request a no-obligation consultation. Our office can be reached at (281) 744-5202, or you are welcome to fill out our contact form.