Your home should be your sanctuary, a place you can relax and feel safe.

Lighthouse Video Surveillance has the knowledge and experience to help protect your home and more importantly, your family. Let us help you achieve the peace of mind you need to sleep soundly at night. Our experts can look for ways to help protect your investments and keep your family safe. Prevention is the key. However, if an event occurs, you want to have the evidence needed to help the authorities. Utilizing a properly designed security camera system, you can accomplish this.


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The objectives of a home owner are much different than that of a business.  Your objectives are more about safety, convenience and peace of mind.  The tasks that can be accomplished with a well designed system are quite numerous. However, here are a few that the majority of home owners desire most.

  • Deterring potential crimes against your residence
  • A view of the front door without having to open it
  • A view of the outside of your home
  • The ability to view your home while away or at work
  • Recorded video of your home and surroundings
  • Helping to keep teenagers accountable
  • Helping to settle disputes with neighbors
  • Peace of Mind

If you have a need that is specific to your situation or your family’s needs, please be sure to let us know what that is.  Each system is designed around your needs.  You may be surprised by what we can accomplish with a video surveillance system.


Our goal is to help our customers to sleep comfortably knowing they have invested in a product that works the way it needs to.  We accomplish this by:

  • Custom System Design – While most home owners have many of the same concerns, each home and site is different in how we may need to accomplish these goals. That is why we take the time survey each site and develop a plan to achieve the specific needs and goals of our customers.
  • Customer Education – We believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. It is our goal to help educate our customers so that they are able to make an informed decision regarding their video surveillance system. We take our time and avoid “talking above the heads” of our customers. After all, it is the customer that knows their needs better than anyone else.
  • High Quality Equipment – We only use the best quality equipment.  We are unwilling to cut corners on the quality of workmanship of the equipment we use in order to have the cheapest system in town.
  • Video Surveillance System Satisfaction Pledge – We start off by setting the proper expectations and follow-up with a promise to meet or exceed those expectations.
  • Warranty and Maintenance – Each system we install comes with a full warranty and the customer has the option to extend that full coverage indefinitely.  We stand behind our work and equipment.
  • Availability Pledge – We promise to be available.  We make ourselves available for questions, support, and maintenance issues as they arise.



Digital Video Recording

All of our systems save the recorded video in digital format.  The cameras we use are digital and analog depending on the need and the customer’s budget.  The NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) process the video from the cameras and save it onto hard drives within the machine.  This video can then be retrieved when needed.  The amount of physical storage space needed will be determined by the customer’s needs.  Digital video recording has many advantages:

  • Easy to access video files
  • Advance searching capabilities
  • High storage capacity & quality video
  • Motion detection recording and other features
  • Live video is accessible through the internet and over your network
  • Recorded video is accessible through the internet and over your network
  • Easy to get video to the authorities and video is admissible in court

Video Export Options

Exporting video from your Digital Video Recorder is made easy.  Depending on the unit you choose, you have the option of saving the video off of the recorder onto CD, DVD, USB Portable Media Storage (i.e. flash drive), and network storage.

Remote Access

Accessing your live video and recorded video remotely offers many benefits:

  • Protect Your Family –  Know for sure when your kids get home, and who’s with them.
  • Protect Investments – Check to make sure your packages have arrived and, should they be stolen, be ready with a captured image of who did it.
  • Saves time – Instead of driving to home to check in, you can access video remotely to make sure everyone is safe and sound.
  • Freedom – Allows you the freedom to leave your home without worry and accomplish other tasks.

Video Analytics

Lighthouse uses systems with video analytics capability.  Video analytics provide a video surveillance system with the “smarts” to determine what is important and what is not.  For example, analytics can determine if the movement in the back yard is that of a dog or a person.  The capability and function of such analytics can go way beyond that.   If you would like more information on analytics click here.



This is an accurate scale representation of the difference in size of the images.
Extreme High Definition
Extreme High Definition video gives the user phenomenal video surveillance capabilities.  In previous years, people would get excited about 20% and 30% improvements in quality.  The improvement from 480 TVL cameras to 550 TVL was not even 15%.  Going from a traditional digital recorder image to an Extreme High Definition recorder provides improvement from 400% to 5000%.  Yes, that is 5000% improvement or 50 times better quality!  Obviously, the extreme increase in quality comes with an increase in price.  However, depending on the size of the application the price increase is manageable and in large applications sometimes it is even a cheaper route.  Honestly, when you are able to get 1200% increase in quality and clarity, isn’t a 60-80% increase in cost well worth it?
Traditional Digital Recorders highest setting is D1
D1 Quality   – 720 x 480
5 Megapixel – 2592 x 1944
16 Megapixel – 4872 x 3248

Lighthouse is a “beacon in the night” guiding our customers safely to their “harbor” while standing firm on the “rock” of quality and service.

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This is the most professional and courteous home service company we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If you are looking for a quality, dependable, state of the art product from an honorable and respectable company – we highly recommend Lighthouse.
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His service team has always been available for repairs or down lines. In fact, his VITEK equipment has weathered the most recent line hurricane, extreme heat waves, and frigid cold temperatures. I have spent zero on service or repairs on service or equipment. The rates he quoted me for any extraordinary additions were modest and reasonable. I recommend Danny Myers and Lighthouse Video Surveillance without reservation.
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Our Satisfaction Pledge

By starting with the correct expectations and following up with the proper execution, we are able to provide a solution that brings great satisfaction to our customers.
“At the end of the day, our true payment is the Joy we receive because of the Satisfaction we are able to create by Helping People and Solving Problems.” – Danny Myers