Homeowners should consider installing a high quality security system for their home in Houston. The same is true for small business owners whose livelihood absolutely depends on their business remaining safe and successful. While deadbolt locks and security monitoring are both very good starts, there’s no question that a good security camera system should be a part of any attempt to secure residential or commercial properties.

Not every security system is created equal. Some cameras are going to be more superior then others, and the best thing that a potential buyer can do is some serious research to learn what their full array of options consist of.

Options Galore

The good news is there are many options available, and that’s not just in reference to brands, but also styles. There are video cameras that are designed to be hidden to catch people red handed, as well as cameras that are designed to be seen but also be made of materials so strong and durable that they are not likely to be broken even if someone tries to smash them out.

There are cameras that are designed to be camouflaged as something else, and everything else in between. Understanding the pros and cons of each choice in addition to being able to price shop will allow the consumer to make the appropriate choice for them and their specific needs.

cctv security camera

cctv security camera

Doorbell Cameras

Relatively new on the scene, doorbell cameras are just that. Tiny cameras right where the doorbell is, designed so the lens looks like a decorative part of the doorbell. These can play in real time inside the house on a monitor, record to an online program all hours of the day, or even do both for the ultimate in home security. You’ll know everyone who stopped by whether you were in the house or not.

In Full View Security Camera System

There are plenty of security cameras that are meant to be seen, and are shipped with signs advertising the fact that your house has such a security system. This actually makes sense since it will discourage most would be thieves or burglars from even thinking about attempting to break in.

Having cameras in obvious spots that are out of reach further discourages people from trying anything illegal towards your property.

Hidden Versus Out In The Open

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both the highly visible security cameras as well as the hidden ones. The trade off between stealth and visibility matters depending on what your main needs are. Are you looking to catch someone red handed without them knowing, are you trying to prevent mischief from the get go, or are you looking for some combination of both?

Many of the best security camera systems will have both.

Some Of The Most Popular Options

Don’t let any that aren’t on this list dissuade you from buying. There are many great video camera security systems out there, with just a few of the favorites including:

  1. Avigilon
  2. Icontrol Networks Piper
  3. Kuna
  4. Q-See QTH8-8AK 8
  5. Netgear Arlo Smart System
  6. Nest Cam

These are just a few of the most popular among dozens of outstanding choices. While many people may feel a bit overwhelmed, the good news is that there are so many great options out there that combine incredible picture, durability, clear picture, versatile systems, and even affordable pricing all to boot. That’s a lot of quality all packed into one system.

When you tie all of these things together, it becomes really easy to see why a person would want an exceptional video camera security system to add to either their Houston home or business.