Video surveillance is more than just a convenient feature to have in your place of business. In the worst-case scenarios, video surveillance could legitimately mean the difference between your business continuing to operate and being shut down. IHS is forecasting that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by over 7% in 2016. Some markets will grow much faster than others. As regards to products, the markets for HD CCTV cameras, and boxed appliance recorders will grow rapidly. As regards to end-users, investment in city surveillance spending is likely to be fueled by counter-terrorism initiatives.

So, what will be the big stories in 2016? HD CCTV, 4k displays, smarter storage, public safety, and the impact of IoT in residential applications are just some of the trends for the year ahead.

False claims

As an owner, you are held legally culpable for the welfare of anyone who enters the premises during your hours of operation; unfortunately, there are many people who are dedicated to making a living through taking advantage of your legal responsibility for their safety in your building.

Video surveillance can help to protect you from false charge of negligence that may be filed by an individual who intentionally falls and claims to have been injured because of your business’s alleged failure to properly warn them of the risk.

Loss, theft and vandalism

commercial-business-security-houstonVideo surveillance can be a major lifesaver against the damage caused to your store by cases of vandalism and theft. The developments in digital video surveillance technology available today have made it possible to capture and store more recorded footage than was every possible with grainy analog video recordings in the past.

With high-definition and wide-spanning surveillance angles, you can have the privilege of knowing exactly what takes place whenever there’s any illegal activity in your building, no matter how subtle it may be.

With accurate video footage, you have the leverage to successfully file charges against anyone who steals from your store but attempts to claim that no such thing happened. The apprehension and conviction of suspects can be expedited greatly with the power of video surveillance to perfectly capture every crucial second of the crime in crisp detail.

A deterrent against would-be criminals

Not only can video surveillance help you seek justice against anyone who steals from your business, but it can also function as a highly effective method of lowering the chances of said incidents happening in general. It’s been demonstrated many times that the awareness of being watched often increases a person’s self-awareness, which can serve to slightly inhibit their likelihood of engaging in prohibited behavior for the fear of being caught in the act.

Employee productivity

The threats to your business aren’t just limited to outsiders; unfortunately, threats can oftentimes come from the inside as well. The reality of being a business owner is that you’ll have to prepare in equal parts for both theft by visitors and by your own staff as well; thankfully, video surveillance is perfectly capable of taking care of both of these needs.

Not only does keeping your business under video surveillance help to lower the motivation of would-be thieves, but it can also serve to increase the productivity of your workforce as well. Employees may not physically steal goods, but they can still “steal” the employer’s time by not doing their jobs up to standard; video surveillance can go a long way towards resolving this. Just as criminals are less likely act uninhibited when they know they’re being watched, employees are far more likely to stay productive avoid acting out of line when they’re aware that they’re aware of cameras.