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3 Ways Access Control and HD Video Surveillance Complement Each Other

When it comes down to security, there is no one solution that eradicates all other measures. Possessing a video surveillance system does not mean that you no longer need to hire security guards. An alarm system does not replace an access control system and vice versa. Each security measure plays an important role in the [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your IP System From Getting Hacked

Last March, the Crown Casino in Australia made international headlines after a group of high-rolling card players were able gain unauthorized access into the casino’s video surveillance system in order to cheat Crown out of $33 million in illegal winnings. Journalists were quick to compare the elaborate heist to the storyline of the 2001 feature [...]

Four Ways HD Surveillance Users Can Reduce Bandwidth

When it comes down to managing a company’s network, IT professionals are like Suzy Orman with their bandwidth. They are cautious and strategic with how they allocate it. With only a modest percentage of the bandwidth usually reserved for video surveillance, the last thing an IT manager wants is video footage – particularly if it’s [...]

10 Ways to Keep Your Video Server Running Optimally

Any security manager who has been tasked with overseeing a network can understand the frustration of server and other equipment failure. Sometimes, these malfunctions are a result of manufacturing errors or electrical issues, but more times than not, server issues are a result of user negligence. Servers are a lot like cars; it is important [...]

Avigilon buys BRS patents

One month after spending $80 on ObjectVideo’s patents, Avigilon ‘tries to lock in IP in a whole range of analytical algorithms’ Updated Jan. 27 with an interview with BRS Labs president John Frazzini. VANCOUVER, British Columbia—Avigilon today announced it spent $13.3 million acquiring video analytics patents that extend into behavioral recognition, video segmentation and meta-data [...]

ACIT Luncheon

Lighthouse Video Surveillance was able to have representation at the ACIT luncheon in Lake Jackson TX on February the 4th where the guest speaker was Steven McCraw. McCraw spoke on the prevailing issues with the Texas border and what the Department of Public Safety has been doing to help. "The division participates in special operations [...]

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Lighthouse Video Surveillance participates in a build with Extreme Makeover, Home Edition The Beach family is a very deserving family that has been helping children in need for many years. Larry, 40 and Melissa, 40; have fostered over 85 children that other adoption agencies were not able to place. They have four biological children and nine adopted children. [...]