How Video Surveillance Can Save Your Houston Business

Video surveillance is more than just a convenient feature to have in your place of business. In the worst-case scenarios, video surveillance could legitimately mean the difference between your business continuing to operate and being shut down. IHS is forecasting that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by over 7% in 2016. [...]

Business Trends in Video Security Systems Houston

Every security system needs installment, but you have to decide if you will hire a professional for it. A lot of people have chosen the do-it-yourself approach because it costs less, but there are many disadvantages to DIY installation. The greatest advantage in hiring a professional is how you can sit back and relax knowing [...]

The Facts About Home Security Cameras in Houston

The state of the world today has homeowners and apartment dwellers concerned for personal and property security. State-of-the-art home security alarms are being installed in neighborhoods every day. Even department and electronic stores are offering security camera kits that consumers can purchase and install. However, video surveillance to protect your family should not be left [...]

Reviewing Some of the Top Video Security Trends For 2016

Today with devices such as the Apple Homekit and Avigilon security cameras, that has managed to simplify a smart home, or Amazon’s Alexa, now combined into a number of smart appliances, the home automation industry is not the only market making significant progress in the year 2016. 4K cameras and video are becoming a lot [...]

Choosing Between Video Security Camera Systems

Homeowners should consider installing a high quality security system for their home in Houston. The same is true for small business owners whose livelihood absolutely depends on their business remaining safe and successful. While deadbolt locks and security monitoring are both very good starts, there’s no question that a good security camera system should be [...]

The Proper Uses For Video Surveillance Security

Video surveillance is a great tool to have. It can help secure your property in a number of different ways. Unfortunately, many people have an incorrect idea of how video surveillance security actually works. This leads them to using it improperly, which in turn leads to their video surveillance being nearly useless. It’s not that [...]

What You Need To Know About Commercial Video Surveillance

There are some pretty major differences between your average residential surveillance system and a commercial surveillance system. While there are plenty of good home models out there, obviously if you want the big benefits you go to the systems that were specifically designed for businesses. However, there is a big difference between baseline systems and [...]

Why Your Business Needs Video Surveillance

Video surveillance in the workplace should not only be viewed as a security feature to deter intruders but it can also be used to monitor the work force and trace the source of problems as they occur on site. A business not only protects the company but the employees. The cost of installing a basic [...]

Top Video Surveillance Trends In 2016

Video surveillance remains one of the most effective security measures available to an institution or an individual. The year 2016 has seen a rise in the installation of cameras at homes and at business premises in order to boost security. Lighthouse Video Surveillance is here to help you determine the best setup to meet your [...]

A Glance at the Avigilon Video Security Cameras

In the last few decades, surveillance systems have continually evolved to accommodate the robust demands and requirements demanded by users. This has been a driving force towards modern improvements in functionality and style. From access control systems to auto fencers; heat sensors to motion cameras, Avigilon as a brand has always been there, serving the [...]