In the last few decades, surveillance systems have continually evolved to accommodate the robust demands and requirements demanded by users. This has been a driving force towards modern improvements in functionality and style. From access control systems to auto fencers; heat sensors to motion cameras, Avigilon as a brand has always been there, serving the market with high end products that meet client demands. Lighthouse Video Surveillance is one of the top vendors and installers of Avigilon products. Once you witness the Avigilon system in action, you’ll see why they are top of their class.

Over the past couple of years, the Avigilon brand has steadily gained fame, from simple surveillance systems, to now sophisticated automatic day and night vision cameras like the Avigilon 5MP H.264 HD. It is with no doubt that this brand of systems is now what many out there are looking for.

The Design and Pricing

At first glance, you will be impressed by the design and effort put in to keep these security cameras top on the list of any shopper out there. Small, sleek and beautiful is what the Avigilon video security cameras give you. The design is totally correlated with the price attachment. In fact, you even get more than what you pay for.surveillance security cameras pearland

Lens technology

These cameras come in such sizes that might mislead you into thinking that there are no lenses installed in them (duh…) but a closer look reveals the lens securely fastened to an obverse position and well inbuilt so as to improve performance and durability.

The cameras support both the remote zoom and remote focus capabilities which can surprisingly deliver up to five mega pixels of picture quality that can be manipulated from anywhere with no quality loss. Added into this is an automatic day and night control system as well as the usual video motion capabilities presented in almost all the Avigilon surveillance systems out there.


At the back of these cameras is the Ethernet port for network connectivity. This network capability will enable one access the cameras from remote places quite away from the installation points. Next to the RJ45 Network port is the A/V jack that supports live video frames and an interface jack that integrates high quality sound capture.


Avigilon camera systems boast of easy installation and noncomplex set-ups. This means that one can quickly install and use it. This is justified by the Installation cords that are attached on the top and bottom of the cameras to avoid any upside-down form of installation.

However, not everything in video surveillance installations is straight forward. That is why, for your installation of any of these cameras, you are always advised to get an Avigilon Professional or certified installer or dealership to ensure that the performance of your system is at optimal operational mode.

What stands out on these Cameras?

Lately, thousands of surveillance and video security systems exist on the market. Nevertheless, Avigilon as a brand has established itself in producing beautiful compact and fine-finish designs. This alone has made it have a product that stands out from the group.

The remote zoom, remote focus and IPR’s control makes them the most preferred cameras for both a non-congested place like your home’s backyard to a highly congested environment like a train station.

Overall, the Avigilon Video Security Cameras give the best surveillance results anyone would need out there. The brand keeps growing every single day and consumers are always guaranteed of getting value for their money. Lighthouse Video Surveillance is here to help you with your security needs when you’re ready. We encourage you to make security assessments to be proactive and not once a loss has already been incurred.