There are some pretty major differences between your average residential surveillance system and a commercial surveillance system. While there are plenty of good home models out there, obviously if you want the big benefits you go to the systems that were specifically designed for businesses. However, there is a big difference between baseline systems and advanced systems, so make sure you know the difference before spending money for a full installation in Pearland, Clear Lake, Galveston, and other areas in Houston.

Picture Quality Matters Big Time

While there are many baseline cameras and entry-level systems, it’s important to make sure you understand what the picture quality is going to be like. Many business owners have really basic systems that don’t pick up really clear details, and then they get the unpleasant surprise of realizing their video isn’t good enough for evidence in a case.

You want to make absolutely sure that you are getting a system that takes the type of clear and precise video that could be used in court and can be used as evidence.

Look For Automatic Recording

There are video surveillance systems that not only record to a tape, but also save recording in an online file, so if someone destroys the cameras, breaks in and destroys the system, you are still going to have that video evidence streamed into a file where you can access it. This is a huge advantage for a security system and is one that every commercial video surveillance system should have, but sadly doesn’t.

cctv system security in working room of hospital

cctv system security in working room of hospital

Video security systems with this off-site ability to save tape are miles ahead of those commercial ones that aren’t.

Hidden Or In Plain Sight?

One of the major decisions a business owner has to make is whether he/she wants most of their cameras hidden, or in plain sight to discourage anyone from trying to get around them. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both decisions and many security specialists believe the best setups actually use a combination of both.

This allows business owners to secretly keep an eye on employees or all parts of the shop and catch people in the case of a break in while the easy to see cameras can also still watch important areas and help discourage people from trying anything since they can see the cameras right there in the open.

In other words, this is a “best of both worlds” type of scenario and exactly the type of setup plan that most commercial enterprises should look at.

Many Different Options

There are an incredible number of companies out there who offer video surveillance systems and equipment for businesses. Going with some of the big names is a great way to help insure top-notch quality and the ability to call on customer service for assistance when anything needs some additional support.

Just a small list of providers include:

  1. Avigilon
  2. Swann
  3. Q-See
  4. Zmodo
  5. Brickhouse Security
  6. Dropcam

There are many different options when it comes to picking out the right commercial video surveillance system for your business. Whether the emphasis is on cameras, sending an emergency signal to police when people break in, or something else entirely – there are options.

A good commercial system blends the obvious cameras there to discourage people from trying anything with hidden cameras that make sure every angle of a building is captured and anyone who breaks in or robs the place will be caught red handed from many different angles.

Take the advice from this article and you will be in much better shape to find the perfect video surveillance system that meets your specific needs. Set up a consult today with Lighthouse Video Surveillance and be on your way to a protected home and business.