Security systems are a great feature to add into a business or a home. However, for a lot of reasons people tend to choose a lower quality system than what they need to have. This is when people should know some of the benefits of having a HD video security system installed in Pearland, Clear Lake, Galveston or other areas in Houston, instead of relying on some of the older and dated systems. Once people do see these benefits, it is easy for them to see just how much of an impact this system will have on their security and protection. Here at Lighthouse Video Surveillance, we witness a lot of camera regret in the Houston area. The surveillance system seems fine until you have an incident and realize you can’t identify the person or object, or maybe you are unable to view the video at all.

Provides Different Recording Options

While people will usually have an older hard-wired system, these are fairly easy for the criminals to disable. The reason is they only have to cut the wires to the cameras and they cannot record anymore. However, with the HD systems they tend to record on the device itself, but also can be beamed over the Wi-Fi network or even a 4G network to a recording device that can be held on site or even off site. This way the criminals are not able to disable the recording system as easily and this will make it easier for people to capture the criminal’s faces.

8338010 - high tech overhead security camera at a government owned building.

high tech overhead security camera at a government owned building.

Clearer Picture

A major problem people have had in the past is their cameras are recording, but they are not recording the faces of the criminals in a clear enough manner to catch them. So this often is how the criminals are able to get away with so many of the crimes they have committed and this is why they are able to rob some of the places time and time again. However, the HD cameras have a tendency to capture a very clear image and this makes it easier for people to see the criminals face clearly and easily.

Ability To Conceal The Camera

This is something people may have never thought about before, but if the criminals are not able to see the camera they will not be able to remove the camera. With this, feature it will be great because people can make these cameras to look like an everyday item. For example, people may have these set up to look like a cigarette package on the counter, but also have the camera set up in places that people would not think about looking. This in turn will make it easier for people to be recorded and not even realize that when they disabled the primary camera they are still being recorded.

Cost Effective

While the price of these cameras may seem a little bit high when they are being installed, people need to realize it is not going to be that high compared to what their insurance rates can go up to after frequent break-ins. So this will make the cameras quite a bit more cost effective and help ensure that people are able to get the proper notification if something happens. Something else people will enjoy is the fact this is going to often have the ability to be connected to an existing security system to help add an additional layer of protection.

When people own a business or have a home in a high crime area of Houston, they may want to get a home security system. Since this is the case, people should know the benefits of getting a HD video security system, instead of a basic system. Then people can finally get the proper system installed in their home and know it is going to protect them at all times, even if they do lose their hard wired system.