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Top Video Surveillance Trends In 2016

Video surveillance remains one of the most effective security measures available to an institution or an individual. The year 2016 has seen a rise in the installation of cameras at homes and at business premises in order to boost security. Lighthouse Video Surveillance is here to help you determine the best setup to meet your [...]

A Glance at the Avigilon Video Security Cameras

In the last few decades, surveillance systems have continually evolved to accommodate the robust demands and requirements demanded by users. This has been a driving force towards modern improvements in functionality and style. From access control systems to auto fencers; heat sensors to motion cameras, Avigilon as a brand has always been there, serving the [...]

Tips for Selecting a Video Security System

A good video security system should protect you when you are home, deter criminals when you are away, offer rock solid evidence in the event that something happens, and alert you to events. All the while, your video security system should be easy to use, install, and surely earn you some bragging rights of boldly [...]

Reasons Why the Best Video Quality is Required for Security Cameras

Security cameras are some of the best security devices you can install to your home or workplace. At Lighthouse Video Surveillance, we help you in designing a system useful to your specific needs. By doing this, the cameras not only act as a deterrent, but can also capture footage of illegal activity, which can then [...]

Why You Need Experts To Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in homes and offices is very important to help keep your valuables secured. After deciding to have a security system installed, the next important issue to consider is how it will be installed. Browsing the internet will enlighten you on the basic installation guide and the right tools and equipment to use [...]

Benefits Of Using Video Security For Business

For year’s video surveillance seemed to be mainly used by government agencies and large corporations; something you only saw in movies. Now you can find video cameras everywhere you look. Whether you’re stopped at an intersection, are grabbing a quick bite at a fast-food restaurant, or are walking up to your neighbor’s front porch, you [...]

Fight Houston’s High Crime Rate with Video Security

Security surveillance rose to a whole new level with the introduction of CCTV technology. Even for places with high crime rates like Houston, proper video surveillance is more than a match for the security threats that abound. By hiring Lighthouse Video Surveillance, you’re hiring a licensed and insured company to insure your installation is done [...]

Importance of Avigilon Video Surveillance

There is no disputing the fact that the general public has trust issues when it comes to video surveillance technology. The thought of someone watching us all the time can make us feel the need to behave conservatively and that is understandable. However, the real purpose of Video Surveillance is all about the safety and [...]

The Value of Security Camera Systems

At Lighthouse Video Surveillance, we are contacted daily by individuals, families, and companies who have fallen victim to crime. With the rising levels of unemployment and desperation among some members of the society, crime rates have gone a notch higher. Security concerns are therefore on the rise nowadays, with many people exploiting any viable strategy [...]